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SCHOOL                    REUNION

At Schemengees Bar & Grille  

You knew everyone you graduated with and are looking forward to catching up

together at the next reunion., That Reunion Is NOW!


Schemengees in Lewiston Me offers you the options when it comes to planning your

entertainment, event menu, cash bar and lots of other activities.  At 250 people or fewer, your class could easily have a lot of fun at Schemengees Bar and Grille in Lewiston, Me.


Schemengees is a 10,000 sq. ft.  restaurant/bar and entertainment space equipped with:

12 - 9 ft Pool Table

7 Dart Boards, 

60 TV HD,

12 Flat Screen Tv's

Every Sporting Event To Watch

Up Beat Atmosphere To Relax And Have A Beer And Watch The Game With Your School Class Mates.

Schemengees has some creative suggestions for you and your class mates for your next REUNION!.


  • Gather together at one of your  school’s football games or other events and reserve a block of seats and watch the game together.

  • Later that night gather together at Schemengees and play your favorite music and hang out and reminisce about your school days.

  • Everyone loves to play pool together so form your teams and play a game of 8 ball loads of fun and lots of entertainment!

  • 7 Darts boards are set up for for a game of two or to set up teams and have fun. ( Great for large groups)

  • How about bringing one of your favorite board games to the reunion. (fun for smaller groups)

  • Set up a  section with photos, yearbooks, or even a photo booth etc. – whatever you have available .

  • Create a class time capsule together, to reopen at your next reunion.

  • Hand out special prizes for people who have traveled the farthest to be there, everyone love this!

  • Make special nametags for everyone and include their nickname.

  • Have a dollar contest of who has  the most grand childern, those with the most win!





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