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Schemengees Appetizers

Poutine                                                                         11.95

Crinkle cut fries with our own cheese blend and brown gravy.

Mozzarella 4 Half Moons                                        11.95

Half-moons of creamy mozzarella with a crispy italian

seasoned breading. Served with marinara sauce.

Chicken Wings                                                              

Fried wings served plain or buffalo style.

(6) $10.99 (12) 17.95

Homemade Chicken Tenders                                11.95

Prepared fresh to order. Choice of original or battered.

Served with one dipping sauce. Extra sauce .75 each.

Cheese Curds                                                            11.95

White cheddar cheese curds are lightly breaded

and deep fried. Served with marinara sauce.


Jalapeno Poppers                                                    11.95
Crispy breaded mild jalapeno peppers 
stuffed with real cheddar cheese.

Egg Roll Vegetable                                                  12.95
Cabbage, asian vegetables, mushrooms and spices

in A crispy egg roll wrapper. 

Broccoli Bites                                                            11.95
Cheddar cheese with mini broccoli florets, real bacon

and sweet onions in a light, crispy potato flake breading.

Pork Potstickers                                                      11.95
Tender Asain noodles filled with pork, green cabbage,

soy sauce, garlic, ginger, green onion and spices. 

Cheese Fries                                                              10.95
A basket of crinkle fries topped with melted cheese.  

Add Bacon 1.99

Pretzel Poppers                                                        11.95
Deep fried soft pretzel bites filled with cheddar cheese. 

Fried Mushrooms                                                    10.95
Hand breaded fresh button mushrooms.  

Served with ranch.  

Stuffed Taters                                                           11.95
This tater keg is filled with creamy cheddar cheese,

big bacon pieces, sour cream, and a hint of chives.

with a crispy crunchy potato. 

Soft Pretzel                                                                11.95
A basket full of soft bavarian pretzel bites that is perfect

for sharing. Served hot with a beer cheese dipping sauce. 

Pick your combo
Pick your appetizer combo from these items.
Mozz. Moons - Cheese Curds - Jalapeno Poppers - Egg Rolls -

Broccoli Bites - Pork Potstickers - Pretzel Poppers - Stuffed Taters
Pick two 12,95  Pick three 16.95

Fresh tortilla chips topped with your choice of seasoned beef or chicken. 
Then we add cheese, tomato, onions, black olives and jalapeños.
Large - 16.95 • Small - 13.99
Extra chicken or beef add 3.99 Extra cheese add 2.9

Chip Shot
House chips covered with seasoned beef and shredded yellow cheddar and

white monterey jack cheese with drizzled BBQ sauce. Served with sour cream.  16.95

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