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Chicken Tender Dinners

Chicken Tender Dinners

Side Choice: Crinkle Cut Fries, Homemade Grilled Potatoes that are lightly seasoned with garlic and butter, Cole Slaw, Pickled Beets, or the Veggie of the Day.

Eat-In Or Take Out: Call 207-777-1155

Original Homemade

Chicken Tender Dinner                             14.95

Fresh chicken tenders that are breaded in our own special recipe that gives them light but crunchy breading or you can have your tenders, Grilled, Plain, BBQ, Buffalo, or Teriyaki. Comes with 2 sides


Battered Chicken Tender Dinner           14.95

This recipe is a light sweet batter that keeps the chicken super moist. Warning! Once you try the battered tenders, it will keep you coming back for more!

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